Analysis Of The Article ' One Girl 's Diary Opened The World 's Eyes ' By Pam Becker

Analysis Of The Article ' One Girl 's Diary Opened The World 's Eyes ' By Pam Becker

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Articles Discussing the Diary of Anne Frank

The article, “One Girl’s Diary Opened the World’s Eyes,” which was written by Pam Becker, is divided into three significant topics. These topics not only discuss how Anne Frank’s diary changed the world, but also the history behind the diary and why the audience should take the time to read the diary. Becker first describes how the diary has made an impact to its audience as it provided a perspective of a young girl whose family was in hiding from the Nazis until they were arrested in 1944. She includes several quotes in her article from renowned book editor, Judith Jones such as: "I think that nobody had grasped" what happened, she says. "I just think the idea of destroying a whole race of people … was so appalling that people couldn 't believe it. Here was evidence of how it touched human lives.” The next topic focuses on the history of Anne Frank’s diary. Becker reports how Anne’s diary entires began in 1942, just before Anne and her family were forced to go into hiding in Amsterdam. Becker also mentions how Anne writes about her ever...

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