Analysis Of The Article ' On Rethinking Women 's Biology ' By Ruth Hubbard

Analysis Of The Article ' On Rethinking Women 's Biology ' By Ruth Hubbard

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A main idea I saw after reading this articles about gender I felt that we really judge people sexuality and equal rights for men and women. In Judith Lorber, in her article “‘Night to His Day:’ The Social Construction of Gender,” explains how gender plays a role in our society in feminine or masculine and including a third person as transsexuals or transvestites. In the article “Rethinking Women’s Biology” by Ruth Hubbard, argues that women can not be compared to male because women get criticized in anything like height, physical ability and culture. The writers are writing about this idea because we make opinions of people by their physical appearance instead of meeting and understanding who that person is. Not only that I feel that we mistaken the identities of people because we assume that how they dress, walk, and talk are the factors who they prefer to be.
Women are increasingly changing their role from stay home mom to joining military, women are expanding their education and judge in physical appearance. For example, some physical appearance is strength, tallness, skin color and etc. Many years ago women are known to stay home and care for their family and men go to work and pay the bills. I believe more women are getting involve in many manly jobs because women get pick on that we cannot do any man jobs, so we are changing people 's assumptions and proving them wrong. Ruth Hubbard in her article “Rethinking Women Biology mentioned “Differences, be the biological or psychological, become scientifically interesting only when they parallel difference in power” (Hubbard 51). Women are changing are expanding the opinions of other people that women are not eligible to do certain things as men.
Around the world gender is changing...

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...On the other hand, my mom will drop anything for my brother, for example she will get of work to get lunch for my brother and work days to see his far away sports game. As for my she did not get out of work for me when I had volleyball tournaments. Addition, my mom not only but my brother a car, she bought three cars in a yet because he really wants it one and she never bought me a car even though I have a license and he does not. Overall, everyone in my family can see what my mom favors in my family, I understand why many people make assumptions of people judgments because parents are afraid of embarrassment of what their children are.
Overall, gender is mistakenly judge everyday and every person by their physical appearance, ability to act feminine or masculine Everyday people struggle to fit it my having people judging and people not understanding who you are.

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