Analysis Of The Article ' Obama 's ' Where 's Waldo? ' Presidency Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' Obama 's ' Where 's Waldo? ' Presidency Essay

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In recent years, President Obama and the way he handles things has become a very controversial topic. In the article “Obama’s ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Presidency” Ruth Marcus describes that controversy, in which she gives her opinion of President Obama. Marcus begins by discussing how in Barack Obama’s campaign he talked about “change we can believe in”, but she later tells the reader that he has “been missing in action” (Marcus, Paragraph 1). Throughout the article, she tells of numerous issues that Obama seemed to be missing on, and presents the reader with the question, where is President Obama?
President Obama is always missing and late to weigh in on current issues, or at least that is Ruth Marcus’s central claim. She argues that Obama seems to always be missing when something important happens. There are several reasons offered to why she feels that Obama is “…unwilling, reluctant or late…” (Marcus, Paragraph 1). First, Marcus begins by giving events that the President was missing on, such as Libya, because he feared of “endangering Americans trapped there” (Marcus, Paragraph 3). She c...

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