Analysis Of The Article ' Marcus Garvey ' Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' Marcus Garvey ' Essay

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In the article Marcus Garvey, used this form of writing where he bolded each word he started his new paragraph with, and with each bolded word he would explain what it meant to him in his own words. He first started off the article with the word history; he started off with this word because history is what keeps people from forgetting about the hardships and trials. History tells the facts no matter how much the story gets changed around. Chance, Life, Criticism, Fear, Ambition, these are some of the words he used to go in depth with his point about the Negro race. While writing this article he talks a lot about awakening Africa and the Negros from Africa and restoring both to their former image of superiority and making Africa a mighty nation as well as making the people worthy enough to inhabit such a worthy place. Nothing will ever come simple especially to us African Americans, we have to work hard to achieve what we want, some of us have to die to achieve what we want; Marcus Garvey felt that people would have to make some sacrifices to be what we once were, and one of those sacrifices we would have to make is dying. Some people will have to die for the cause to get us African people back to the divine. Even though most of the article was about man, Garvey did mention women, about how they can make or break any man. But without woman, men cannot live, as Garvey said no real man can live without his woman. Garvey believes like some other philosophers that the bible could solve all problems in the world like some Christians. But he does believe in god and he believes that we were created by god himself, no book should be able to keep us as a human race down. The white man is never going to liberate us black people, it’s up to ...

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...what a lot of people don’t seem to get is that during slavery, blacks lost a lot of themselves, religion wise, culturally, and other ways that soon affected the next generations. So during this time, we had to make our own culture, our own religion, our own everything apart from our African roots, but now a lot of people want to throw away that history and go right back to our ancestors African culture. And even though I do agree with getting in touch with your African roots and getting to know who your ancestors really were, I do not agree with letting go the history here. So many people died to get us where we are now, and even though where we are now is far from perfect, I feel that forgetting about all this history we have made since slavery is not only spitting and disrespecting our ancestors grave, but those leaders who was killed for a cause they believed in.

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