Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' 5 Keys Of Dealing With Workplace Conflict

Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' 5 Keys Of Dealing With Workplace Conflict

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The article “5 Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict” by Mike Myatt discusses how strong leadership and effective conflict resolution is what separates bad leaders from good ones. Mike sets the stage for this article by asking the question “How many times over the years have you witnessed otherwise savvy professionals self-destruct because they wouldn’t engage out of a fear of conflict?” (Myatt, 2012) He discusses how attempting to hide from conflict, while hopping it passes you by is a very ineffective way of conflict resolution, because conflict very rarely resolves itself and escalates if not dealt with proactively. Mike goes on to describe how “every workplace is plagued with manipulative people who use emotion to create conflict in order to cover-up for their lack of substance,” (Myatt, 2012) and how these people when confronted by their bad performance or wrongdoing are quick to point the finger in the other direction. He states that “only thing worse than what I’ve just described is leadership that doesn’t recognize it and/or does nothing about it,” (Myatt, 2012) and that real leaders don’t get involved in drama, but also don’t tolerate manipulative behavior. While Mike believes that conflict is a normal part of any organization, and the real challenge is how one deals with it. He then provides you with his “5 Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict,” (Myatt, 2012) which are: “Define Acceptable Behavior, Hit Conflict Head-on, Understanding the WIIFM Factor, The Importance Factor, and View Conflict as Opportunity.” (Myatt, 2012) What I have learned for this article is, that in order to be a good leader, you need to know how to deal with conflict, employ effective conflict resolution, while also avoided unnecessary confli...

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...advice in this step. Step five says to, “View Conflict as Opportunity,” (Myatt, 2012) and that “conflict is the potential for a tremendous teaching/learning opportunity.” (Myatt, 2012) Out of all the advice he has given, I believe this is the most subtle, but the most important. If you can learn from conflict and move forward with both growth and development, then the process of conflict (if unavoidable) and the resolution was worth it in the end.
After having read this article in its entirety, I felt that it has some great advice. In the past I have tried to avoid conflict at all costs, but this article has given me the insight that as a leader in any capacity, it can be a bad thing. This article has also given me some good tools to better handle conflict and resolution in the future. I am very happy that I have read this article and I would recommend it to others.

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