Analysis Of The Article ' Dress Code, Double Standards, And 4 Other Subtle Ways Women Face Sexism

Analysis Of The Article ' Dress Code, Double Standards, And 4 Other Subtle Ways Women Face Sexism

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Throughout the years, there have been many issues with women in the workplace. In Chapter Five: Understanding Women and Work, many of these issues are discussed. In comparison, the article, “Dress Code, Double Standards, and 4 other Subtle Ways Women Face Sexism at Work” by Ally Bough, also discussing similar issues as the chapter does. I chose this article because the title really stood out to me. This is because it mentioned more than one double standard that women face in the workplace. All of the other articles I found only focused on a single double standard. I also chose this article because I felt like it was well written and touched on many main points that were picked out within the chapter.
In general, the article starts off with a woman, Ellen Pao, who went to court because she claims to have faced discrimination at work because of her gender. Unfortunately, Pao lost her case because discrimination within the workplace is very hard to prove. The article then goes on to discussed how friends of the author opened up to her about how they have faced similar situations within the workplace after hearing about Pao’s court case. Next, the article described four different ways that women are discriminated against in the workplace. Finally, the author concluded with how this discrimination and gender bias is still a real and continuous problem going on within the workplace.
Altogether, there are four key points discussed in the article. These key points include sexism within the workplace, descriptive and prescriptive bias, macroaggressions, and dress requirements for women. Each of these key points also corresponds with topics discussed in chapter five.
The first key point discussed in the article is sexism within the workpl...

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...complaints. This is similar to the “glass ceiling” described in the book. A “glass ceiling” is when women are clearly qualified for the job, but there is something preventing them from getting there. In this example, the dress code requirement is the glass ceiling.
Overall, this article made many good points and I completely agree with most of them. I believe that women are treated differently in the workplace. I think that women do get judged based on what they wear and how they present to be. For example, similar to a point made in the article, if a woman says that she is a mother, people automatically assume specific characteristics that every mother is supposed to have, and if this woman doesn’t have those characteristics, she gets judged. Discrimination against women in the workplace happens every day and we can’t do anything about it without being informed.

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