Analysis Of The Article ' Column Causes The Great Possum Predicament ' Essays

Analysis Of The Article ' Column Causes The Great Possum Predicament ' Essays

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South is a place beyond our imagination to figure out said by Edward L. Ayers in What
We Talk about When We Talk about the south. South has an intense culture as different type of
people are living here. These cultures are unique in their own way. The reading also talks about
the culture of the south is disappearing day by day. The cultures have been leaking little by little.
The festivals what we celebrate today may not be celebrated after 20-25 years. After each
successive time, something new is introduced and something old is disappearing. The culture
that is important today may not be important after some period. He further says in his reading
that his identity of southern is diminishing in each consecutive visit to his house. The way of
doing the things is a bit different than the last year. Each time we something new is introduced.
In the article “Column causes the Great Possum Predicament” Robert St. John experienced that a
people from the south people eat possum but he has never seen one eating possum even living in
the south for many years. He was surprised to know that some people in the south people eat
possum. South have a cultural diversity and is unique. In the south various people are living
having different aspect of south. People may eat different types of food in the south as we may
not know even after living in the south. A typical southerner may not know everything that
people do in the south despite living there. Yes, a southerner may not have full knowledge of
KC 2
south. Every south people may have their own different culture. There are not any specific or
authentic culture on the name of south.
“The south for these Southerners is-as it was for the William Faulkner and Thomas Wolfe- a
place to love and a p...

... middle of paper ...

...ualities which a typical southerner has. If a
southerner is raised by a pure southerner and their generation have followed the original culture
and are still preserving it then they will know much about the south fully. They will have almost
full knowledge about the south. And their culture may resemble the typical south but it is very
As for me the south is a place of good people, strange cloud structure, trees a beautiful place full
rich in culture. But south is a place where different groups of people from different part of the
world live and their culture is totally different with each other. So, their culture may have been
introduced newly in the south and sometime later will be mixed with the south. And their future
generation will not know about the mixing of culture but will be taken as new culture. A typical
southerner may not know all about the south.

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