Analysis Of The Article ' Caring Democracy : Markets, Equality, And Justice

Analysis Of The Article ' Caring Democracy : Markets, Equality, And Justice

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Within the article Caring Democracy: Markets, Equality, and Justice, the author Joan Tronto highlights and critically examines the United States and its democratic lifestyle after the attacks on 9/11 on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the events after the 2008 financial crisis. Since these events the United States the average citizen is now facing to many demands for them too adequately for their children and themselves. During a set of recent elections examined by Joan Tronto she found that public involvement was at an all-time low by the citizens of the United States. Although political involvement should support us to care more about our surrounds and society but it does not. However, the American democratic process has become more responsive to outside pressures of global threats and issues. The needs of the average American citizen have been put on the backburner of the democratic process to focus on globalization. This hyper-focused government is protecting free market trade and national security. Joan Tronto offers the opportunity for the democracy to become caring and have the ability to focus on those in society who are the most vulnerable. Additionally, content within Joan Tronto article focuses on presenting a clear path for the much needed role of the democratic process on the economy.

One of the major statements that Joan Tronto makes in the article is that “We need to think about democracy as the allocation of caring responsibilities”. Since care and democracy don’t easily seem to go together this statement implies that we must consider how to make the process equal and caring and kept out of politics. Joan Tronto contributes to this vision of equal and caring as a political theory. This theory can be shape...

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...ty is the basic building blocks of society which establish freedom and equality. Democracy is persevered by the legitimacy given to it by the citizens of society.
Joan Tronto article can be conclude that her view on the current status of the society within the United States is grim. After reviewing her research I found myself struggling with myself to validate the current method of democracy in use. I also found that in course of reading the article that Joan Tronto left the reader with very little information to change the current democracy into a caring one. However, during the course of examining her work she does give hints and vague references of ways to rethink the current democracy. After completing the article I feel that Joan Tronto is supplying a transformational view of what the American democracy and society can become if a reform of caring takes place.

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