Analysis Of The Article ' Beside Oneself ' Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' Beside Oneself ' Essay

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Summary Response to Butler’s “Beside Oneself”

In the featured article, “Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy,” the author, Judith Butler, writes about her views on what it means to be considered human in society. Butler describes to us the importance of connecting with others helps us obtain the faculties to feel, and become intimate through our will to become vulnerable. Butler contends that with the power of vulnerability, the rolls pertaining to humanity, grief, and violence, are what allows us to be acknowledged as worthy.
Butler begins with asking the question of what makes our lives worthy? What assists us in the relevance of humanity? What helps us become recognizable as an individual who’s relatable to others, along with the belief that we have a purpose? She explains that we all, individually, are socially and physically vulnerable with constant desire of being acknowledged by others. Butler focuses her main idea on every human being’s power to connect, but explains that the power of becoming vulnerable, is what characterizes us as human when we work to build connections with others.
Furthermore, what is human? Butler describes the “human” as something that is created from the start. That the human is conceptually every individual on the inside who’s given the capability to acquire relationships in relevant and intimate ways. Butler argues that the human, is the part of someone that we, as a society, must learn to accept. That when we begin to take the human for granted, our ability to understand the difficult path the human endures when being created, starts to diminish. Butler explains that the human is someone who has the ability to communicate through others, the capability of being recognized, and ...

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...ile accepting the uncertainties, we abolish the isolation of ourselves while releasing our true, individual characteristics of what constitutes us as human.
In response to this summarization of Butler’s “Beside Oneself”, I have generated reasoning towards my answers to Butler’s questions within her writing. Though her summary makes many valid identifications, there are still many questions to be rejoined in a more in-depth manner.
“What makes for a livable world?”, and what constitutes the human?”, are two questions Judith Butler inquires in her opening paragraph and throughout her writing that determine the mindsets of individuals throughout our society. Both of these arguments are answered differently, by different persons, within different cultures, yet play a dramatic role in Butler’s view of herself, the LGBT community, and most of all, every other human being.

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