Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' At Work Of Two Genders ' By Sasha Zimmerman

Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' At Work Of Two Genders ' By Sasha Zimmerman

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We All are Equal
Have you ever been in a position when you just did not feel comfortable with yourself? Well, that is how transgender people feel all the time. Until they actually become the person they are completely comfortable being. Transgender cannot control the way they feel and they just want to be able to express them self’s without judgment. The article “At Work in Two Genders” by Sasha Zimmerman is a persuasive article because it vividly represents Ethos, Logos and Pathos.
The author wants the reader to understand and believe trans genders are just normal people and they should not be treated differently and be despised by anyone because of their personal choice, they work hard just like any other person. Zimmerman interviews three different transgender women Vivienne Ming, Michaela Mendelsohn, and Rachel See. All three women have great high paying jobs and each one of the women desire to make a difference in everyone’s lives on how they view transgender. Also, tech the world that they should not look down upon transgender people or, show bias and to not be prejudice against trans genders. Mendelsohn said “It’s not about being a man or a woman; it’s about integrating as one whole person.” Zimmerman also wrote about how transgender woman want to be equal. Employers and other places should not base their abilities and knowledge off of their gender. These women experience extreme gender bias. Even returning to their jobs after the transition they was looked at differently, one even waited to come out at work she made sure she knew her legal rights. Bias works both ways Ming experienced a time when she was helping woman she did not know but the lady trusted her more as a woman as far as if she was a man there would have ...

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...e Pathos is the audience of the article. In other words, who is the author trying to reach out to and, who is she wanting to persuade. Zimmerman is very broad when it comes to the age group she is trying to persuade. With that being said, the women explain that everything they went through can all happen at every young ages. As far as who might be reading this article would probably be ages 20-65 just because of where the article is coming from The Atlantic Monthly Group.
This piece is very persuasive, has I gave direct examples of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Now if you did not understand what trans genders went through and how they felt now you know. The author interviews three different women so that the reader will believe and understand everything she says, however, if Zimmerman would have just interviewed one person the text would not have been has persuasive.

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