Analysis Of The Article ' Archaelogists Discover Maya ' Melting Pot ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Article ' Archaelogists Discover Maya ' Melting Pot ' Essay example

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In the article "Archaelogists discover Maya 'melting pot '" states that archaelogists in Guatemala found the ways that the Mayan civilization transitioned from a mobile lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle. The University of Arizona which led the excavation of Mayans lowlands suggest that as the transition from a hunter-gatherer mobility society moved to a more settle farming society; Many groups gathered together to construct important buildings for public ceremonial rituals and important events among the variety of cultures. This transition of lifestyle integrated the variety of culturals into a holistic system by demonstrating the change in lifestyle, social bonding among the groups, and the diffrences in culture.
First, the transition from high mobile lifestyle to sedentary lifestyles are integrated into a holistic system by settling into a different ways of life. Inomata states that " As the society transitioned from a heavy reliance on foraging to farming, moblie communities and settled groups co-existed and may have come together to collaborate on construction projects and participate in public ceremonies." This demonstrates the variations of food-getting practices from one society to another changed over time. In the text book An applied Perspective by Gary Ferraro explains food foraging "Food Foraging (hunters and gatherers) is living by hunting animals, fishing, and gathering wild plants (Ferraro p.150)." This demonstrates the mobility of hunters and gatherers was crticial for their survival. Ferraro states "Foraging and collecting societies are usually nomadic. By and large, hunters and gatherers move peridically from place to place in search of wild animals and vegetation and usually do not recognize individual l...

... middle of paper ... historic culture. The text book defines culture as " Everything tht people have, think, and do as memebers of a society (Ferraro p29)." Which has three major components of culture "That is, everything that people have refers to material possessions; everything that people think refers to the things they carry around in their heads, such as ideas, values, and attitudes; and everything that people do refers to behavior patterns (Ferraro p29)." This demonstrates what occured with these two groups that formed a specific culture which came to be defiend as the Mayan civilization. Overall the three components are what brought the two groups together which formed a culture which explains society as a holistic system. The article was intereting because the melting pot that was just found opened up many questions to the meaning that these people were trying to portray.

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