Analysis Of The Article ' America 's Most Overrated Product : The Bachelor 's Degree ' By Marty Nemko

Analysis Of The Article ' America 's Most Overrated Product : The Bachelor 's Degree ' By Marty Nemko

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In the article “America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree” by Marty Nemko, the author argues several different views on why higher education may be very overestimated. For starters, the author shares his opinion more than anything else due to him being a career counselor. The purpose of this essay is to explain to the readers that most people start off with the idea of living the American Dream. Which is practically going to college to have a better life and career. But over the time the idea of working very hard for a Bachelor’s degree has become very dimmed. Furthermore, for some people, when they think of the American Dream they think of hope for bettering themselves and also helping their families. Unlike the author, Nemko feels that even the thought of trying to pursue to get a bachelor’s degree is overrated. The audience of this passage would most likely be teenagers going into college and parents. Nemko states that “Colleges are quick to argue that a college education is more enlightenment than employment. That may be the biggest deception of all” (Nemko 524). In the passage Nemko’s voice would be explanatory. Nemko goes into details about based off of him trying to explain why he feels the way he does towards trying to get a bachelor’s degree. Which leads to the situation of the passage, which is getting a bachelor’s degree can be very overestimated. In the article “America’s Most Overrated Product”, the author Marty Nemko uses strategies such as understatement and distortion.
Nemko uses the literary devices of understatement and distortion. Using understatement the author shows how the presentation of a higher education is being represented as something that is less important than what it really is. To begi...

... middle of paper ...

... only shows us how he feels towards the colleges and how he doesn’t think it 's right. Going back to the beginning where it 's being stated that Nemko feels that college is overestimated.
Furthermore, by viewing the argument from many different point of views, the author is able to produce a much more accurate article. Nemko talks about how colleges and universities are having a lack of conscience. But also never fails to mention the details that comes afterwards. Although, he uses literary devices of understatement and distortion, he has a good argument on why he feels like colleges and universities are only using people for their money and nothing else. In conclusion, Marty Nemko’s view towards colleges and universities make the readers wonder if college is really worth everything. Which makes the readers wonder and think, making Nemko’s argument seem more clear.

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