Analysis Of ' The And Pan Macmillan 's Extract From By Don 't Let 's Go At The Dogs Tonight

Analysis Of ' The And Pan Macmillan 's Extract From By Don 't Let 's Go At The Dogs Tonight

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Alexandra Fuller and Pan Macmillan’s extract from, Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight, explore the roles of the family dynamic and their roles within the family. This is a first person narrative, written from the perspective of one of the daughters. As well, this passage describes the event of selling bales of tobacco in a market setting. This passage develops the roles of the narrator, the mother, and the father, through techniques such as animal imagery, body language, diction, punctuation, as well as structure.
The father is developed mainly using symbolism through diction in the extract. The father is represented using diction that associates him with animal imagery, and displays him as being in control of the situation. The authors use animal imagery when discussing the father to establish his role as being the head of the family, the alpha. In the third sentence of the extract, the narrator states that the father “nonchalantly stands . . . like a horse at rest”, connecting him with the image on a strong and powerful horse. The father is viewed by the narrator as being in control and mighty. The diction used by the narrator develops an atmosphere than is tense, like walking a tightrope. The use of “if” and contrasting sentences displays the anxiety present in the scene. Should the father accept the offer, the mood will become “exuberant”, but if the father tears the ticket, refusing, the atmosphere will become “quiet” and in the future, cause “anger”. As of the moment of the scene however, the atmosphere is taut and nerve-wracking. Synecdoche is also used to distinguish to the reader which parent the narrator is focused on, such as when the father is being addressed. The narrator takes note of watching “Dad’s hands as he wal...

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...hift to one character at a time and really delving into that character. Later in the passage, the focus shifts to the father through anaphora, allowing the reader to identify the the character being discussed, through the narrator, such as “If Dad disagrees..”, “If Dad starts..”. The effect of this gives the reader the mentality that the narrator sees her parent as separate units rather than one, as well as highlighting contrasting personalities, like the “nonchalant” father versus the “fretful” mother.
Alexandra Fuller and Pam Mcmillan skillfully develops the characters of the mother, father, and narrator, in the passage from Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight. This is done through multiple facets such as imagery, structure, mood, atmosphere, as well as body language to highly enhance the reader’s knowledge of the characters and their role within the family dynamic.

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