Analysis Of ' The American Dream ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The American Dream ' Essay

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The American Dream
The American dream seems to be as elusive as Big Foot. This country has been founded on the premise that anybody can accomplish what they want as long as they work hard for it. America is rooted in the American Dream many people seem lost trying to find it. When we declared our independence from England, we promised everyone the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the Constitution the preamble states we are promised the security of liberty. The American dream is different for many people. It can be wealth, equality or health. Many people search in vain for the American Dream. Some people give up looking and resign the possibility of such dreams. Others fight to the end to achieve their goals even if the fruit of their labor is not within reach. Ta-Nehisi Coates has no desire for the American dream while Martin Luther King fought until his end to accomplish his goal of having all types of Americans walk together without any fear. The American Dream remains relevant because, it is in our history and people continue to search for it.
First, this country’s history has been founded on the basis of equality and opportunity for all. It is the obligation of this country to provide everyone with a shoot at obtaining the goals they seek. America was founded by immigrants seeking a place where they could express their dream of living without persecution. Ta-Nehisi Coates may argue that the American dream is dead, because his dream is living in a country where everyone is treated equally regardless of their skin color. Currently there have been many attacks on Blacks. Coates has taken this as a sign that America is not the place for people to dream. He believes everyone lives in a fake reality. Althoug...

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...arch. When someone hears the dreams of people like King or Fredrick Douglas, they are motivated to accomplish something they feel is their cause. The definition of the American dream depends on the person who is doing the dreaming. In this melting pot there is a diversity that is created because this dream is something people want to believe in. Black people along with many other groups have been very harshly discriminated but immigrants still keep coming to this country. The history of this country is extremely dark but also great triumph not just for this country but for the whole world. Other nations see America as a country to model not only because of our mistakes but also the things that help humanity push forward like our aid to other nations in time of need. The draw of this country is the fact that people are free to choose how to live their American dream.

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