Analysis Of The Airman And Family Readiness Center ( A & Frc ) Essay

Analysis Of The Airman And Family Readiness Center ( A & Frc ) Essay

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The agency I completed my internship at is called the Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) and it is located at Vandenberg Air Force base in Lompoc, a small city on the central coast of California. My supervisor was Emily Dreiling and she played a very big role at the A&FRC. Emily’s focus at the A&FRC was to assist families with their work and personal life. Emily was in charge of an array of programs that include the Air Force Aid, Bundles for Babies, and Parent Enrichment programs. Additionally, Emily assisted with triaging military members and families who came in to the center for support. Lastly, Emily also assisted with funding for educational opportunities for military spouses by being a grant writer, and also took care of marketing for programs, and assisted clients with securing jobs. While interning at the A&FRC I was allowed to attend an array of workshops, engage with military affiliated participants, collect surveys and gather feedback. I learned about many social and health related issues that military families have to face as well as the specific programs and resources that are available to address the issues. I was not assigned to any specific program or area of the A&FRC. My supervisor did not limit me to just one focus of the A&FRC, as all aspects of the A&FRC were important to learn about in order for me to see how the military families in the community are served and to learn the mission of the A&FRC.
A contribution I made during my internship was the development of a community resource guide for off base resources and assistance. While compiling information for the community resource guide I had the opportunity to meet with key agencies and organizations off base and learn about the types of assistance...

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...ip sites. I think it is important to gain different experiences from different environments.
One recommendation to improve the Health Sciences: Public Health degree program would be to require students to engage more around their communities in different health settings for every class or semester. Even if it is only for a small amount of hours, I think it would be advantageous in introducing students to becoming more involved with their communities. This can also help students learn and identify health issues that are present in their communities. Engaging within the community would be a beneficial way to network and assist in securing an internship site when the time comes. Lastly, I think networking and having exposure to public health professionals is especially important for online students, because we lack the face to face time with instructors and classmates.

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