Analysis Of Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Essay

Analysis Of Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Essay

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The University of Georgia’s theatre adaptation of the penny dreadful story, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, was very similar, design wise, to Tim Burton’s 2007 film of the same name. While the two were very comparable, they did differ in many design elements which include, lighting, costumes, color, and key structural set-ups.
The lighting played a major role in setting the tone for both the theatre performance and the movie. In both the film and play, the lighting was dimmed and the non-important elements, such as background elements, were often hidden in the shadows. In the film the murky lighting also hid Todd in the shadows, in order to increase the suspense and further emphasize his intimidating demeanor. In the play, the lighting was low, but spotlights were often placed on the character that was speaking or performing at any given time. The lighting also helped emphasize key events in the play and the film. For example, when Todd is first reintroduced to his tools, in the play, a light is reflected on both his face and ceiling to show the importance of the tools. In the movie, however, the camera cuts and close ups, along with the lighting makes it easier to establish that importance.
There was a noticeable difference between the characters’ costumes in the film and the stage play. In the film, there was little color in the characters’ costumes. The main characters wore deeper colors, such as dark reds and black, while the supporting characters and extras wore muted greens, yellows, and browns. In the play, the costumes were a bit more colorful. For example, there was a background character who wore a bright pink tutu, distinctive lipstick, and a high blonde wig. Supporting characters like her, added an...

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... the other locations. The key props that adorned both settings were not much different from that of the film. In the play, however, there were more pieces that adorned the pie shop, and the raggedy arrangement of the background props compare to the distressed structure that the film wanted to show as well. In the movie there was more room to experiment and add to the locations. For example, in order to show the age of the barber’s shop, they added peeling wallpaper, creaking floorboards, and panels that were detached from the floor.
Overall, the play did a great job drawing on key elements that were also showcased in the film. When it came to making distinct design choices, the costume designer and set designer did a great job expressing their own interpretations. The play didn’t steer too far away from the film’s depiction of the time period and characters either.

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