Analysis Of Stephen Lee Counterman IIi Essay

Analysis Of Stephen Lee Counterman IIi Essay

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I was born on April 16, 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi, to April and Lee Counterman. My full name is Stephen Lee Counterman III, but I am called Trey since I am the third. The year 1997, was the year my mother was going through law school at Mississippi College. The ironic thing is that she had me two days prior of taking the bar exam and I weighed 10 pounds. After she finished law school, my mother, my father, and I, moved to Chester, SC where the majority of my family was living. Then in the year 1999 my mother gave birth to premature twins, Noble and Barrett. They were lucky to be alive because they only weighed 1 pound whenever they were born. Noble has a small case of cerebral palsy but Barrett has the worst case and was placed in a wheelchair since he was very little. During my sixth grade year my parents decided to go through the adoption process and adopt a little girl from birth from Columbia, SC and named her Ella.
My entire life I constantly changed schools. Whenever I was in elementary school I went from a very small private Christian school to my first public school, Chester Park School of the Arts in Chester, SC, for only one year, my fifth grade year. While I was there I felt like an outcast, I knew some of the students but not all of them, so I had to make friends, which was not easy. I can remember vividly on the first day of school we had to write a description about ourselves in a newspaper format. One of the subtitles was listed as who is your favorite hero, so I put down superman instead of my mother or my father, so whenever kids passed by the article in the hall they would laugh, which made me fell unsecure. After my fifth grade year I transition to Chester Middle School for my sixth and seventh grade years...

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...o. Then later on my mother married Robert without my consent. Which made me furious resulting in my mother and I not getting along. After a while I accepted her wishes. Robert and I had numerous of arguments and disagreed on everything causing turmoil. The only reason I have respect for him is only for his military accomplishments. While I am away at college I am concerned for them along with studies and sports.
During my lowest of lows, I felt uneasy and distressed. I had to be the one to suck it up and be a man and stay strong so my siblings would not be worried. Despite changing schools and the divorce occurring I got over a lot of things and even though my step father and I have differences we are getting along for the sake of my mother and his health. The divorce and changing schools was troublesome but now I am felling less lonely and making a lot of friends.

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