Analysis Of St. Bernard 's ' St ' Essay

Analysis Of St. Bernard 's ' St ' Essay

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St. Bernard declares that “God Himself” should be the “motivation alone for our love.” This type of love should not require any type of force or outside influence. Because God gave us “Himself, “while we were yet blemished and “unworthiness,” one should be “bound” to God. God gave us Himself first, therefore, because of gift that He gave, we should have an even exchange system. St. Bernard describes, that we were enemies of God and He saw pass all that and still gave Himself to us . As in the book of St. John tells, us just how much God loved us. He explains that it is to this extreme: God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son.” Love in this manner could never be truly understood to mankind; however, we should have no hesitation in loving God because of his deed to mankind. St. Bernard goes on to explain that although man had fallen, God still saw past all that.

God’s Rights
St. Bernard shares that only when one has full understanding of God’s love will they have an obligation to love God back. Those who lack this understanding of the goods of the body and the soul that God provided where considered an “infidel” . The” soul was considered the superior part of ones being”. The soul was also known as the chief goods and the goods were broken into three categories: excellence, intelligence, and virtue. Mankind has been give this free will within him/her and has dominion over all living being which St. Bernard declares is excellence. Mankind has proof of his/her excellence through intelligence but with this him /her known that without God none of this is capable. Lastly, virtue makes mankind seek God. All three of these goods share equal parting in ones understanding of love.
One has to have the understanding ...

... middle of paper ... God is our Creator but we know Him as our Redeemer is the one that has repaired us. St. Bernard stated lastly, “What therefore, shall I render to the Lord for all that He hath done for me! By, creating, he gave Himself when He gave Himself to me: first given and then restored, I doubly owe myself to Him.” (26)
God deserves to be loved, just because He loved us first. As Christians, our love to Him is a payment of debt. We should love beyond all measure because of the price was paid for you and me. There are some advantages of the Love God. Christian can see better than those that are blind, we have a daily feeding from God through His word. We are capable of putting on the mind of Christ and we are satisfying with His Love. After understanding God’s love, we are not satisfied with any earthly there comes a peace that passes all understanding; just to name a few.

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Analysis Of St. Bernard 's ' St ' Essay

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