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Analysis Of Sonnets By William Shakespeare Essay example

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Consider this scenario; An individual is set up on a blind date with an attractive woman. This individual is told the woman “looks like a Barbie doll” with hair as yellow as the sun, cheeks as red as a rose, and eyes as blue as sapphire. It is unlikely your blind date will have these features. In the real world women cannot have the same physical assets as a Barbie doll—with sun yellow hair, and sapphire eyes because dolls are manufactured, and women are human—Imperfect and aging. In sonnet # 130 Shakespeare reveals the complexities of his writings as he expresses his love for his mistress. In regards to spousal relationships and matters of the heart it is in imperative not to hold another person to impossible standards because in time all beauty fades.
In the first quatrain, the speaker conveys the truth about his mistress through saying that she does not compare to divine beauty. “My mistress eyes are nothing like the sun. (Line 1) “In this line, a traditional figure of speech from the Renaissance is used. Poets would often refer to a woman’s eyes as shining like the sun. Realistically, it is impossible for a human’s eyes to shine, and glow like the sun. Shakespeare continues the sonnet moving onto his mistress’s breasts. The reader begins to get an eerie feeling as Shakespeare describes his mistress’s breast as “dun”. The word “dun” is an archaic word used to describe a dull dingy gray. His use of diction shows the complexity of his poem and proves that the words are used intentionally to evoke this uneasy feeling.
In the second quatrain, Shakespeare exposes the unrealistic nature of traditional love poems of the Renaissance. In traditional love poems women are portrayed with having impractical features. Many times wo...

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...s the true beauty is within through implying that despite her flaws, the speaker still views his mistress as a goddess in his eyes. After a complete understanding of the poem, the reader learns that the poem is in fact a meaningful love poem rather that an insulting one. “Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130” is an interesting work because it inverts the traditions of the blazon form. The reader knows what to expect from this type of poetry, and so the dramatic force of the poem is experienced as the reader’s expectations are turned upside down” (Woolway). Shakespeare, in this poem, reveals the magnitude of possibilities he could achieve within a small boundaries of a sonnet. If you are ever on a blind date and the person you are coupled with is not exactly as attractive as you would have imagined, reflect on Shakespeare’s sonnet 130 and remember that true beauty lies within.

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