Essay on Analysis of Song How to Save A Life by The Fray

Essay on Analysis of Song How to Save A Life by The Fray

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The Fray's hit song, 'How To Save a Life,' tells a story of a mentor, also a friend, who is trying to 'save a life' of a troubled youth. The story starts off with the teenager and this friend sitting down to have a talk about what is wrong in the teen?s life. The second line reads, 'he walks, you say sit down it's just a talk,' this showing anger and fear of what might be brought up in conversation, so he tries to run away from the problem. Although neither individual wants to have the talk, they both respect each other enough to be polite, 'He smiles politely back at you/
You stare politely right on through.' Then the narrator mentions a metaphorical 'window to your right/As he goes left and you stay right,' which is telling us, everything that is said to the teenager doesn't catch on in his mind. He believes there is nothing wrong, so he stays to the left instead of heading toward the window, or his escape, on the right. The first verse ends with, ?Between the lines of fear and blame/You begin to wonder why you came? which is telling us that the friend is having second thoughts trying to help the teen in the first place because the adolescent is being headstrong.
The second verse tells us about the many attempts the mentor has made to rejuvenate the teens life, ?Lay down a list of what is wrong/The things you've told him all along.? The last two lines in the second verse are repeated ?and pray to God he hears you/and pray to God he hears you? which is emphasizes the angst of the mentor because of the numerous times he has tried to save the teen.
In the last verse, pressure starts to build as ?he [the teen] begins to raise his voice/you [mentor] lower yours and grant him one last choice.? The mentor gives him an ultim...

... middle of paper ...

... teen, whose life is finally turning for the better.? (Christian Music Today)
Slade?s writing style to this song is very interesting because he it is told from two different points of view. The first point of view is told from a narrator who is guiding the mentor progressively through the steps of the feared talk. The second view is from inside the mentor?s head, possibly at the point before asking the narrator for help in the situation.
In this song The Fray takes great effort to convey the point of talking with the youth of today about making the correct decisions that will have a large affect upon one's life. Although the song in no way forces the narrators thoughts and ideas upon the youth they still firmly instill the knowledge of his choices impact on his future. Ideally this would be a guideline, an alarm of hope, a script on how to one day "save a life."

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