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Analysis Of Smithville Area Aging Agency Essay examples

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Smithville Area Aging Agency is in a state of emergency. The agency has refused to deliver services to Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender people, and now there’s a pending legal class action suit filed against the agency, its staff and its Board of Directors. Its federal and state funding has been frozen and the agency is force to close since it solely relied on funding from federal and state to operate its services. The executive board consist of mostly people who have some type of affiliation with church, but Smithville Area Aging Agency is not a faith-based organization, so when the agency refuse services to Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender people, the organization discriminated against them as well as creating a situation of social injustice.
Organization is defined as “social entities that are goal directed, are designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity system, and are linked to the external environment” (Kirst- Ashman, 2011 p. 160). The Smithville Area Aging Agency is an organization because it fits into the definition. Smithville is a “social entities because it is made up with people, with all their strengths and failings” (Kirst- Ashman, 2011 p. 160). Smithville Area Aging Agency have five departments management over the different social service units. There is only one social worker, but the rest of the employees have degrees in Criminal Justice, History, Psychology, Sociology, couple of employees with Social Worker degrees and the rest have degrees in a wide range of fields. It is goal directed because the main goal of organization is to provide services for all elderly citizen in Smithville. Designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity system, because the “activity systems are a cluste...

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...s and by changing the culture of this agency, all the elderly citizens of Smithville can get help. By changing the management style to theory Y, which “management views the employees as wanting to grow and develop by exerting physical and mental effort to accomplish work objectives to which they are committed”(Kirst- Ashman, 2011 p. 168). The staff can get excited about helping the elderly, and know that they are doing good work. In addition, the leadership style can be change to support leadership, which “ involves being friendly to and approachable by employees, showing concern for them and their welfare, treating them as equals, and creating a friendly climate” (Kirst- Ashman, 2011 p. 289). This way, if the staff have any concerns they can voice them, instead of being fearful of getting fired. By following these changes, there will still be hope for this agency.

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