Essay on Analysis Of ' Slaughter House Five '

Essay on Analysis Of ' Slaughter House Five '

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By looking at Billy’s condition during the war, we can see that the war was not as glorious as the countries wanted you to think which at the time was not obvious. This adds a critical and significant point of view on the war to Vonnegut’s anti-war book. During WWII, the fighting countries didn’t want to show how terrible war really was, instead they showed images of patriotic men fighting in the war. In reality, these “men” were just kids out of high school and some from college, not ready to fight battles in a war. Vonnegut tries to show this in his book by inserting passages throughout Slaughter House Five, to help explain this to his readers. By describing Billy’s poor body structure and inadequate clothing and tools, one can clearly see that Billy is not someone to be fighting in wars. Vonnegut wants to show his readers that people like Billy were the ones fighting in the war, not the big muscular patriot that Uncle Sam has recruited. This goes hand in hand with the anti-war theme of Slaughter House Five.
When you walked the streets in America during WWII, it was easy to find multiple posters advertising the war using the body builds of big strong men. This was the type of man that the government wanted you to think was fighting the war for you. No comfort comes from thinking of a scrawny man fighting for your freedom. However, according to Vonnegut, these “scrawny” men were the ones fighting for us. Many were drafted into the military to keep up with the demand for soldiers. According to Vonnegut there were many people like Billy fighting in the war. Billy wasn’t exactly soldier material either, “Billy was Preposterous-six feet and three inches tall, with a chest and shoulders like a box of kitchen matches,”(32). Vonnegut ...

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...t shouldn’t be in a war, however the people that surrounded him always seemed to be a more mature active person. The men that Billy was constantly with or ran into seemed to be the poster soldier of the war, or at least they seemed to like to think of themselves as that. Billy seemed to be the only one with a scrawny figure in the book, or at least the only one that was a character in the book long enough to make an impact on us. All the other people seemed to have a hero mentality or was a mature older man just there because he had to be. However Vonnegut chose to portray war, he did it with an anti-war theme in mind. Over exaggerated descriptions and the many uses of young characters in the book has proven to be a compelling way to get people viewing war in a bad way. No matter what some readers think, this was written as an anti-war book and is an anti-war book.

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