Analysis of Shower Gel Advertisement Essay

Analysis of Shower Gel Advertisement Essay

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Advertising is used in all aspects of everyday life, in magazines, newspapers, billboards, television and radio to mention but a few. They aim to show their product to be bigger, brighter and better than any other product on the market. Consequently advertisers use colour, text, images, language and layout to fight for the reader's attention, so that they can influence the viewer's opinion of their product and therefore persuade them to buy their product rather than any other.

The advert I have chosen to analyze is the 'Original Source' shower gels advert. The target audience for this advert is young men and women between the ages of 16 to 35. The text's purpose is to persuade the reader to purchase the Original Source shower gels range by portraying their product as the best available on the market and itemizing its range of unique features. This advert uses both words and pictures in equal proportion to attract, inform and persuade the reader to buy their product.

When viewing this advert the reader is first attracted to the main picture, which takes up most of the right hand side of the advert. Here the use of size attracts the reader's attention, making them curious to find out what the advert is about. The picture features the mint shower gel from the range with the lime shower gel set back slightly, but still clearly visible. This is cleverly used to subconsciously inform the reader of other shower gels in the range. In the bottom right of the main picture is a lime and some herbs, these appeal to the reader's sense of smell, implying that when you open the shower gel bottle this is the natural smell you would be greeted with therefore persuading the reader that these products are subsequently better than any other o...

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...fic shower gel that you could buy. Although this advert uses few poetic devices such as onomatopoeia, rhyme or alliteration the text is still very effective. The pictures are all carefully chosen to show the product at its best, to aid the reader in seeing the natural side of their product and break up the writing and invite the reader to linger and find meaning. They also act as a logo or symbol for the company as the front of their bottles is very distinct and could easily be picked out in a shop. The "buzz" words which will attract readers to the product are cleverly highlighted in a natural colour to make them stand out and therefore attract the reader. For, the target audience being young women, this advert is well worded, designed and juxtaposed to attract the right audience, young women. In general I feel this advert is very effective and fulfils its purpose.

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