Essay on Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's Superman And Me

Essay on Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's Superman And Me

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During this term I felt that I have progressed a lot as a writer. I wrote three different types of stories that I have never written before including an argument paper, a literacy narrative and an analysis essay. I enjoyed the creative freedom given to me allowing me to choose topics that I enjoy writing about but, also being given clear goals to accomplish in the assignments that were assigned.
Throughout this term there were multiple times where we had to accurately read and respond, in discussion and writing. This came very naturally to me as reading comprehension is one of my strong suits. I particularly enjoyed when we had to read “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, then discuss as a class the varying details and meanings from his writing. I feel that I tend to struggle as a writer when it comes to creating a clearly written thesis. There were a couple of essays that we had to right this term that required a thesis and I have not been happy with what I have written. It is something that I will need to work on in order to become a better writer. Being able to structure my writing is one of my stronger abilities as a writer which I feel is clearly displayed in my story “Books, War, Videogames”. In this story I start off with explaining what type of books I enjoyed when I was little up to now and clearly describe my journey through video games as I have gotten older. In my story “Building My Own PC”, I state “computers are something that I am passionate about and by buying the necessary parts you are helping me express that passion into building something that I can use and enjoy for years to come”. In other words, my family buying me the parts to build a computer they are enabling me to do what I love. Also, in th...

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...ealthy and exercising is the exact same way for me once I am able to it for those two weeks it becomes second nature. I do not even crave junk food and I start to look forward to working out I. At the beginning of this term writing was just something I did because I had to for school. However, now I am starting to enjoy it that is not to say I am going to start writing outside of class assignments. But, now when I sit down to write I find that I am looking forward to it instead of dreading having it.
This portfolio has been a great way to go back and truly examine how I have progressed as a writer this term. Further, I feel very comfortable writing now compared to when I originally began this term I dreaded having to sit down and write an essay. I have thoroughly enjoyed the topics I had to write about and felt that I was really able to develop my skills as a writer.

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