Analysis Of Sherlock Holmes ' A Study Essay

Analysis Of Sherlock Holmes ' A Study Essay

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In 1887, Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but only in 1891, in A Scandal in Bohemia that Holmes’ stories became very famous, and eventually, Holmes’ adventures got adapted for film. Lately, in 2010 BBC made a series called “Sherlock”, and the first episode is called “A Study in Pink” referring to the first book where Sherlock Holmes was introduced. The TV adaptation is significantly more effective in showing the relationship between Holmes and Watson with changes made to the plot and characters.
First of all, the beginning of “A Study in Pink” is essentially the same as the book, for the astonishing scene where Sherlock Holmes says “‘you have been in Afghanistan, I perceive’” (Doyle 11). This shocks Watson and the audience and it is exactly how Doyle describes it in the book. In fact, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the producers of the show, keep this scene the way it was originally meant to be, because it is how readers are initially introduced to Holmes and Watson by Doyle, hence it allows Holmes’s fans to be familiarized with the story. Moreover, on the level of the plot, due to the fact that the setting is different, Watson does not write everything that happens about Sherlock in his journal but on a blog. Nevertheless, the idea that Watson records Sherlock Holmes’ adventures is carried on. On the other hand, some major changes have been made in order to fit a novel into a 90 minutes episode. For example, since the first episode is the pilot, it is important to introduce the main characters at the beginning, hence the producers provides information about Watson’s family and showed Sherlock’s deductive skills through the scene where Holmes analyzes the doctor’s cel...

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...tol is introduced at the very first scene and without Sherlock’s advice, Watson had the urge to carry the pistol with him (Doyle 45). In the end, Watson fires the gun and kills Jeff Hope and saves Holmes. The producers include this gun scene to enforce the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson, as it is clearly shown as they walk down the street happily at the end, whereas in the book they have a simple talk and they does not seem to be as close.
In conclusion, the TV adaptation by BBC outstandingly shows the strong relationship Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson have. Despite the fact that some characters have been omitted and some added, and changes made to the plot, the bond between the detective and the doctor is enhanced. As a matter of fact, their relationship is more enthusiastic in contrast to the one Sir Arthur Conan Doyle describes.

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