Analysis Of Shel Silverstein 's ' The Giving Tree ' Essay

Analysis Of Shel Silverstein 's ' The Giving Tree ' Essay

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Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” written in the 1960’s, is a short illustrated story that is cherished dearly by children and admired by adults (Kimmel 1). The Giving Tree is about the relationship between a loving apple tree and a playful little boy, which represents the relationship between a parent and child; however, the reader is able to decipher a much deeper meaning by looking at the story closely. Moreover, Silverstein uses the characters in “The Giving Tree” to demonstrate the parents’ unconditional love for their children; the lively apple tree portrays how giving a person too much support can hinder them from attaining full independence, and also shows how unconditional love can be damaging both psychologically and physical.
In the beginning, Shel Silverstein develops the plot of the story through a tree, a well-known source of strength and protection (Cousin 2). Silverstein uses personification to give the tree emotional qualities of a loving parent. Furthermore, the little boy spends a lot of time with the tree growing up; he visits her every day in the forest (Silverstein. 9). The little boy plays hide and go seek with the tree, swings in her branches, and eats her delicious red apples. As time passes, the little boy grows older and has little time for the tree and becomes less concerned with childish matters, such as playing. Additionally, the little boy does not have time to visit with the tree anymore, instead he is out to find his true identity and no longer wants to be known as “the king of the forest” (Silverstein. 9).
Moreover, the little boy did not visit the tree for a long period of time; when he finally decides to visit the tree out of desperation for happiness. Despite the conditions, like a loving...

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... was harmful to the tree by taking too much from the tree. Willingly, the little boy accepts of everything the tree gives to him without any regard for the tree as a whole. The little boy uses every part of the tree for his own personal happiness, without any apprehension for the tree’s future or the future of the tree’s benefits for other children (Cousin 4). Additional, the tree was harmful to the boy because the tree gave too much. By giving so much to the little boy, in turn the tree hinders the little boy from attaining the full responsibilities of being an adult, in a way the tree sheltered the little boy from the world and its harsh realities. All in all, The Giving Tree is a great story with many lessons that can be gained from it. I advise every person to read “The Giving Tree”, and learn the dangers of becoming too generous and too dependent upon a person.

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