Analysis Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Polonius Isn 't Just A Babbling Idiot ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Polonius Isn 't Just A Babbling Idiot ' Essay

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Throughout act one, I found there to be many quotations that have deep philosophical meaning behind them, however, one stood out to me above all. When Laertes was about to leave for France, Polonius told him, "to thine self be true”- (I.iii.78). I find this to be quite profound, because it shows that Polonius isn’t just a babbling idiot, but a truly philosophical and intelligent, yet overlooked individual. Above all, I feel that this is amazing fatherly advice, and parents today should really focus on making this known to their children because it is something that many struggle with at some point in their lives. Through the pressure from society, as well as struggling to fit in, the average person finds it very hard to be themselves. The main reason why I feel this quotation is tattooable, is that it has a lot of underlying meanings that you can take from it. If you keep pretending to be someone you’re clearly not, then you will die living a fake life, using other people’s personalities, opinions and experiences. By thinking this you have to ask yourself, am I just a creation of what people want me to be, or am I truly fulfilling my life and living it to the fullest? Even though parents should constantly tell their kids to be themselves, some guardians are the problem themselves. In my personal opinion, I truly believe parental influence on a minor’s life is the hardest thing to overcome because of the internal need to not disappoint your parents. It is extremely hard growing up in a household where academics are held extremely high, as well as occupations. This leads to a battle between you and what your parents want you to be, but you should always still think of yourself. Regardless of who or what you face in your life, don’t...

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...e in life may tell you that things you are doing are wrong, and sometimes you won’t see where they are coming from, however no one says you have to listen to them. This quotation makes me feel empowered to only listen to my own opinion because I am the only one that should be able to dictate what I think because I have that power. Connecting the to play, I believe that Hamlet may be saying this to justify his future act of killing his uncle. Hamlet truly believes his uncle is a serpent and deserves to die and is also reassured of this by his father’s ghost. Hamlet doesn’t see anything wrong with killing an uncle who he hates, so therefore he belittles the sin and makes it seem like a good thing. By choosing to look at the pros instead of the cons Hamlet has turned a seemingly bad occurrence into a positive, and just like Hamlet anyone is capable of such a thing too.

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