Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essays

Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essays

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Despite Hamlet being a tragic play, Shakespeare incorporates numerous extensions of Hamlet’s character throughout it, including the element of sarcasm. His sarcasm is most often sparked by his contempt of either a certain subject or person, and is usually spoken in such a way that his remarks seem innocent. Hamlet’s sarcasm is first seen during his interaction with Horatio when the topic of the Queen’s remarriage following so closely behind King Hamlet’s funeral is brought up. He makes the statement, “The funeral baked meats, did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables” (Act 1, Scene 2, lines 180-181). While it is true that the food they had for the funeral was most likely used during the wedding, Hamlet knows the real reason for their quick succession was due to his Uncle, and has no intentions to justify their actions. Then by reading the rest of his monologue, “Would I had met my dearest foe in heaven, or ever I had seen that day,” the true meaning of his words is revealed as the audience senses the disdain behind his original statement. Another account of Hamlet’s sarcasm is seen in his discussions with Polonius. In Act two, scene two, lines 175 and 177, he meets Polonius and pretends not to recognize him. He calls Polonius “a fishmonger” and states, “Then I would you were so honest a man,” when Polonius says that his not. Polonius is unaware of Hamlet’s sarcasm and his blatant act of degrading him, as Hamlet is actually saying that Polonius is no better than a fisherman. In another discussion with Polonius, Hamlet makes the retort, “It shall to the barber’s, with your beard,” after Polonius comments on how long one of the travelling actor’s monologue is. With this remark, Hamlet criticizes Polonius’s lack of appreciation fo...

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...ather choose to believe that he is doing his father a justice by guaranteeing Claudius will go to hell than admit the weakness he has toward committing the murder. Hamlet does want to avenge his father; and he does want Claudius to suffer for his actions, however, Hamlet values life more than he will ever admit to himself.
Hamlet’s hesitation to act lead to his death as well as everyone else’s. Had he killed the Claudius while he was praying, he would not have panicked and killed Polonius while talking to his mother. If Polonius had not died, Ophelia would not have killed herself and Laertes would not have wanted to seek revenge on Hamlet. Without the revenge-driven duel, Gertrude would not have drank any poisoned wine. His doubts and inability to take action heeded the course of this destruction and, because of it, Hamlet failed to truly avenge his father’s death.

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