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Analysis of Satirical Literature Essay examples

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During the Age of Enlightenment, people began believing in and relying upon rational thought instead of religious dogma to explain the world. This newfound emphasis on rationality promoted a breadth of freedom in speech that was previously unknown, a fact which was utilized by philosophers such as John Locke, Rousseau, and Sir Isaac Newton. In addition, the Age of Enlightenment produced famous writers who didn’t agree with the irrational politics and old traditions of their respective countries, and instead relied upon wit and satire to expose the corruption and poor human condition existing around them. These Enlightenment writers use irony in their satires to get their interpretations regarding the human condition across.
In Tartuffe, Moliere uses situational, verbal, and dramatic irony to dispute religious hypocrisy. Tartuffe represents the religious hypocrite or imposter that is surreptitiously a criminal and demonstrates immoral behavior, but he was so convincing that Orgon, Madame Pernelle, and other followers worshiped him.
I see, dear Brother, that you’re profoundly wise;
You harbor all the insight of the age.
You are our one clear mind, our only sage,
The eras’ oracle, its Cato too,
And all mankind are fools compared to you. (Molière 27)
Orgon used verbal irony to his brother Cleante because Cleante was expressing negative views of Tartuffe, telling Orgon that people who are really holy do not go around flashing it, but Orgon returned the favor by insulting Cleante’s intelligence. Molière uses these two characters to represent the old and new traditions, in that Orgon epitomizes the old religious era because he bases everything on religion or...

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...incerity and demoralizing influence of currency occurs when the reverend Franciscan friar steals jewels from Cudegonde “Alas, said Candide, the good Pangloss often proved to me that the fruits of the earth are a common heritage of all, to which each man has equal right. On these principles, the Franscian should at least have left us enough to finish our journey (Voltaire 391).” Situational irony was used in that a man of great faith in GOD would disobey one his amendments (thou shalt not steal). Candide figured since reverend Franciscan friar was supposedly a man of God, that the reverend would at least leave enough money for them to survive, which shows how money can corrupt even the people of great faith. In the end, Candide stopped using Pangloss’s philosophical outlooks and started cultivating his own garden meaning to work and find your passion (Voltaire 438).

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