Analysis of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd Essay

Analysis of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd Essay

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1. Introduction
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is a Korean multinational company, manufactures a wide range of product; includes computers, mobile phone, digital TVs, air conditioner, OLED panel, LCD display panel, memory and LSI system etc. The company's main growth driver engine is Smartphone business and Tablet, accounts 31.4 % and 20.4% respectively, of market share in 3Q2013 as per data from IDC. The main concern of company is that it totally depends on Smartphone and Tablet business. This business is getting volatile and overcrowded.

2. Business Overview
Samsung Electronics is engaged in three business units: Consumer Electronics, IT & Mobile communication and Device solutions. Consumer Electronics includes Visual Display Business, Digital Business Appliances, Printing Solution Business and Health & Medical Equipment Business. IT & Mobile Communication includes Mobile communication Business, Network Business and Digital Imaging Business. And Device Solutions includes Memory Business, System LSI Business and Led Business.
2a. Consumer Electronics
"Demand for consumer electronics products in emerging markets stemmed further sales losses but weak seasonality and a sluggish economy took their toll on Samsung’s sales of TVs and home appliances...The Display Panel segment faced a challenging quarter due to seasonally soft demand from set makers. However the introduction of new devices and increased shipments of smartphone display panels, prevented steeper losses."(Samsung, 2013)
2b. IT & Mobile Communications (IM)
"The IT & Mobile Communications (IM) Division which comprises the Mobile Communications, Networks, and Digital Imaging businesses, achieved profitable results backed by strong smartphone sales coupled with reduced...

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