Essay on Analysis Of Ruskin 's ' Of Queens ' Gardens

Essay on Analysis Of Ruskin 's ' Of Queens ' Gardens

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Woman in the 1800s was seen as a wife, mother and care taker of the house. It can be seen that a woman was and still have rule over the house. They are seen as being more domestic out of anything. Their true domain is there house. In England around the 1800s women believed that the house couldn’t be there domain anymore. They wanted to go out into the workforce like their husband or any other man. They felt as if their work was child play or even not important. In Ruskin work “ Of Queens’ Gardens” it is seen that he is trying to let women know that the job that they do is not child play, but is very important to not only men and children, it is important to everyone in the world.
Ruskin lays down the ground work of his essay by explaining the role of men first. Men are seen to be the driving force of the house. They are to battle and conquer when needed. They need to stay strong and never show weakness. They are also supposed to protect the ones they love from danger no matter what the cost is. They are supposed to protect the ones they love from danger no matter what the person they are protecting say or even when they try to run into the threat that is coming their way.
After laying down the ground work of what the man role is, he goes on to explaining the women role in the world. The women role is to rule. They just do not rule for battle. He explain that in the first paragraph of lines six through seven. Ruskin concluded that women power is for “sweet ordering, arrangement and decision” (Norton 1615). That women are even consider to be gentle and sweet no matter what.
Ruskin ask a question that makes the readers wonder a little bit. That question is: what are the struggles within the role of men? It is a question like...

... middle of paper ... the wheels in the readers head turning to the point they start to think that yes women do have more power than men has. That even men just goes out to work, while the women stays home with all of the world on their shoulders. When he appeals to our logic is how he establish his credibility. When I say that is that he wants us to think and breaking down the ranking of men and women while also stating the point of how powerful women really are.
Women shouldn’t have to go into the workforce because they have a workforce at home for them. That even if she leave the home, home is still with her. Ruskin over-all proves all of that within his writing. No one else would be able to explain how important the role of women like he did without critizing them. Ruskin lifted women up and made them feel so prideful within their line of work. That work being there role at home.

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