Analysis Of Robert Van Leeuwenhoek 's Paradigm Shift Essay

Analysis Of Robert Van Leeuwenhoek 's Paradigm Shift Essay

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Robert Van Leeuwenhoek was a prominent scientist of his time. He could arguably be considered an absolute genius of his time period. Nobody was able to reproduce his findings for nearly a century later. That is a huge span of time, showing just how advanced his scientific methods truly were. This is an example of Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm shift. Kuhn came up with the idea of paradigm shift in a sudden moment of eureka. Kuhn readily challenged the ideas of other scientists and the way science ought to be learned and processed (Wienberger). Leeuwenhoek is a very interesting scientist to study in the fact that he had no formal institutional education. However, he did spend a majority of his childhood with his Uncle who was a lawyer. This small detail may have been a big role in molding Leeuwenhoek’s young mind. One could inductively conclude that Leeuwenhoek was immersed in a childhood full of logic and simple facts. Lawyers make their living on technicalities and logic. In this paper I will attempt to take the perspectives of both the philosophers Thomas Kuhn and Hans Reichenbach along with the perspective of Leeuwenhoek and create correlations that will intertwine the two subjects.
Everything he discovered was due to his self-perseverance and having a knack for new knowledge. He remained in relative isolation through his scientific career. He didn’t want anyone to get any information or knowledge about his work. He was selfish in the way, he only wanted himself to make new discoveries when it came to the bacteria and micro organismal world (Waggoner 1996). Leeuwenhoek was a whole new type of scientist of his era, really causing a shift in the social aspect of science.
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...ts author.” (Kuhn in Patton Text 65). Simply put, rational reconstruction is a consistent factual basis that can be repeated, where as a theory is something in the mind of the scientist. This can correlate to the discovery of the first bacteria. Leeuwenhoek was able to adjust light and the environment around him that he knew was best for his research. I believe that Reichenbach was a good philosopher in his theory of rational reconstruction. Leeuwenhoek had produced several publications showing his knowledge of the experiments and findings. Reichenbach also seemed to be quite skeptical of many scientific work, saying that most of it may be false or not entirely correct. I believe that makes a good connection to Leeuwenhoek because, Leeuwenhoek remained very isolated from the scientific community. He was very naturalistic based, meaning he perceived the world through

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