Analysis Of Rick Bass 's The Prisoners Essay

Analysis Of Rick Bass 's The Prisoners Essay

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A Psychoanalysis and Story Analysis of Rick Bass 's Characters In “The Prisoners” Using Psychology And Sociology

Alan Moore, in his book V For Vendetta stated, “Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain, everybody. Everybody has their story to tell...” Rick Bass 's The Prisoners, follows this quote exceptionally well, with a fascinating cast of characters; each with their complexing psychological, and sociological problems, like the working poor, depression and anxiety, workaholism and inferiority complexes, scapegoating, and Bass 's metaphor of how they are, all like prisoners on a bus; a prisoner to one 's emotions and predicaments.
The working poor, are a class of society that barely make enough to abscond the poverty line. Dave 's family in this story, is a perfect example of a working poor family. They are forced to live in brutal, murderous, neighborhoods; in Bass 's own words, “They can 't go for walks at night and, afraid of drive by shootings, they sleep with lightweight bullet proof flak jackets, with the baby in between them” (Bass, 42). A lot of this is due to the low minimal wage, which forces working poor citizens to use all of their capital, simply for basic needs; not even getting that sometimes. From Essentials of Sociology, “About one-forth of those officially living in poverty are actually working. In 2011, there were an estimated 10.4 million working poor (3.4 percent of the population) (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013i)” (Anthony Giddens, 219). Given these statistics, it begs the question... Is the minimal wage simply too low? To answer that question, yes! “When workers struggle to make ends meet, productivity sags, absenteeism increases, morale suffers ...

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...d our same boat” (Bass, 50).It 's also important to see how this relates to the story as a whole. It 's a road trip story. Road trip stories in all mediums, are stories of finding oneself; in this case, three men finding themselves; a paved sabbatical in which one finds themselves, a Moses in exile, and a Jesus in the wilderness.
In conclusion, everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has their issues, the problems, their disorders; sociology and psychology bring, everybody 's stories to light. Some have to work hard just get by, while others suffer from depression and anxiety; a few try to suppress their inferiority, by striving to be the best; in that same nature, they may struggle and throw their emotions onto scapegoats, but in reality, they are just prisoners to their feelings and predicaments. Don 't be a captive of emotions, don 't let it rule a life.

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