Analysis Of Ricardo Semler 's Interview Essay

Analysis Of Ricardo Semler 's Interview Essay

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Ricardo Semler covers two topics in his talk on how to run a company with few rules but the most interesting is what says about the changes he made to his company. Ricardo begins his talk by speaking about the deaths in his family due to melanoma and the possibility of him dying from the same cause. Should Ricardo ever receive such news, he knows that he would probably attempt to spend more time with his family and fulfilling his bucket list. But Ricardo realizes that his few days will not be enjoyed, so what is the point of waiting to do the things you love until right before you die? Ricardo then introduces what he calls “terminal days”, days of the week that he uses to pursue his interests. Ricardo then speaks of expanding this idea to his company that employs thousands of employees. He talks about giving the employees the opportunity to be take time out of their week to pursue their interest instead of having to wait until retirement. His company continued to expand the idea and thought of removing from their company what he calls “boarding school aspects”. The company decided that they would no longer monitor dress code, arrival times or how their employees would go about their jobs. They pushed this notion further by making salaries public knowledge as well as the typical salary that one would make in a similar position. Most importantly of all, the company makes it so that all leaders of the company are elected by their subordinates. Leaders are evaluated every six months by subordinates and should they not receive a passing score, they are removed from power. Ricardo’s company found that they were able to proper when they were not micromanaging everything and when they treated their employees as actual humans.

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...wn increasingly frustrated with how people are judged and treated at their jobs. I find it ridiculous how much importance is placed on the font of a resume or how interview questions are answered. The greatest offender being the “why do you want to work at our company?” question, when the company has given the applicant little reason to apply, other than simply advertising an open position. Leadership has also been sorely been lacking in which case the employees are heavily discouraged from making decisions of their own or have been giving so little training that they are unable to handle situations on their own. I am determined to judge my employees not on interview questions or their resumes but on their willingness to perform their jobs and to give them training necessary training that will allow everyone to work independently and have the opportunity for growth.

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