Essay about Analysis Of 13 Reasons Why Written By Jay Asher

Essay about Analysis Of 13 Reasons Why Written By Jay Asher

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Movies, shows, and books include fiction, fiction is something that was created with imagination. Imagination is a way to visualize images and sensations using one’s senses such as hearing or seeing. Writers, directors, authors and so forth have powered creativity starting from the beginning, which is fiction. One should be able to explore imagination and creativity with our minds, and should be able to share our individuality with the world through a story. Being able to share one’s originality is a process for our minds to grow and expand with such imagination and to acknowledge certain aspects of life and tend to feel inspired. A student’s resources to feel inspired or to grow with inventiveness are limitless with what is being read. Fiction for students is a guideline for those who need to read to have inspiration to keep reading or to envision something bigger. For an example, in the novel 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher, teaches the reader about the social issue, bullying and depression. Even though this book isn’t real or based on a true story it goes into depth and detail about self-harm and depression, and readers can be witnesses to these issues and possibly help them, so why take fiction out of a student 's curriculum if it helps them?

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13 Reasons Why a book written by Jay Asher is about a young teen named Hannah Baker who committed suicide and recorded herself prior before ending her life. Hannah had recorded herself on tapes, and there is 13 tapes overall, each tape explains one reason/story why she had killed herself. The first set of tapes are sent to Clay Jensen the main character, the rules are told from the beginning, 1 you hear all 13 sides of the story and 2 pass the tapes to the next person. For t...

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...ion, fiction is needed in a student’s curriculum. For one to expand their knowledge and to grow into a deeper meaning of a story or an article, one must understand and comprehend and the easiest way to understand is by imaging and being creative with what one visualizes. Reading a book, watching a show, hearing an audio can trigger one to picture the events that is occurring. For the board to eliminate fiction from our syllabus can result to many students not having the creativity to make something new, to think outside the box, or to try something new, it could ultimately leave a student with a lack of vision or inventiveness, or a lost of interest for the make believe.Fiction is a major part of learning and exploring different ideas throughout the world. Fiction-a description of unrealistic events and unreal people, ultimately needed to further explore one 's mind.

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