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Analysis Of Ray Miller 's Work Essays

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Work gives life a meaning. Whether working in an office or at a supermarket in your local neighborhood, it is one’s dream to find a well-paying job to please their necessities. The workplace can either turn out to be the most enjoyable or the most monotonous. This ultimately depends on the workers’ attitude towards their jobs. In Ray Miller’s short story “Work,” the protagonist, Davis, is very unenthusiastic towards his job. He works in a frustrating office environment. Conversely, Sammy, from John Updike’s short story “A&P,” works at a local supermarket named A&P where he is required to ring up groceries for all the customers. His job is rather disappointing until he meets three odd women dressed in bathing suits. The teenage cashiers are excited when they see these girls; however, the manager, Lengel, is not quite as thrilled. He became angry, and told the girls to obey the dress code; this caused Sammy to rise against social orthodoxy, and fight for their right to dress freely. As a result of this clash, Sammy quit his job. In both short stories, the narrators reveal their attitudes towards their workplace; they feel that it’s monotonous and insipid. Ray Miller creates his character to follow basic societal norms, such as staying at the office until his co-workers decide to go home; whereas John Updike has Sammy stand up for the girls right at A&P, even if it required him to boycott work.
To begin with, the narrators in both of the articles have their own way of revealing their feelings, and motivations about work; through the use of an archetypal office setting, they show their attitude towards their occupation. Ray Miller’s short story “Work” takes place at a typical office with cubicles. Davis, the narrator and the main ch...

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...workplace; however what makes them different is their reaction to the attitude. Sammy took actions on his thoughts, whereas Davis remained a follower.
All in all, both of the authors, Ray Miller and John Updike, wrote their short stories from the narrator’s point of view to reveal their feelings, and convey their attitude towards work. The narrator’s job is at two complete different places, yet both share one common feeling about it, and that is work being monotonous. Davis in Miller’s short story “Work” isn’t able to go home because none of his co-workers leave even as night approaches. He has a hard time standing up for himself; therefore the only thing left for him to do was keep thinking about leaving work. While, Sammy in Updike’s short story “A&P” stands up for the girls rights to dress however they want by arguing with his manager and quitting his job.

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