Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' The Veldt ' And August 2026 Essay

Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' The Veldt ' And August 2026 Essay

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Today’s world is full of robots that vacuum the floor and cars that talk to their drivers. People can ask their phones to send a text or play a song and a cheerful voice will oblige. Machines are taking over more and more tasks that are traditionally left to people, such as cleaning, navigating, and even scheduling meetings. In a world where technology is becoming increasingly human, questions arise about whether machines will eventually replace humankind altogether. In Ray Bradbury’s short stories, “The Veldt” and “August 2026,” he presents themes that technology will not only further replace the jobs of humans, but it will also outlast humankind as a whole. Although this is a plausible future, computers just cannot do certain human jobs. These jobs require traits like compassion and wit, traits that artificial intelligence can not authentically replicate. Contrary to Ray Bradbury’s warnings, technology can never replace the human race because it does not possess true human emotion.
Granted, technology today has a lot to do with emotions. A Modern Healthcare article retrieved from the Gale database introduces Pepper, a four-foot tall robot designed to read people’s emotions through facial expressions and voice tone and respond accordingly. Pepper’s creator, Masayoshi Son of Softbank mobile phone company, said, “Our aim is to develop affectionate robots that can make people smile.” Pepper’s programming enables it to sing and dance and chat with its user, making it seem cheerful and affectionate. In video interviews, Pepper’s simulated emotions made all of the interviewers smile. Although Pepper is indeed adorable, people should not be fooled into thinking robots have real emotions. The ‘feelings’ robots convey are re...

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... purpose.
Science fiction often prophesies that robots will overthrow the human race. In reality, however, human technology could never replace humans themselves because it cannot feel the emotions that guide important human decisions. For one, computers and robots do not have the level of self-awareness required to feel emotion. For another, machines can only do what they are programmed to do. Because of this, they cannot truly feel. Finally, technology will never be able to replace humans because it can never do what the human race exists to do: survive and make more humans. People can stop worrying about technology taking over the world and replacing humankind. It does not have the creativity or the empathy to do such a thing. As long as people remember the world outside their TV screens, the fabled robots of the apocalypse will have no hold over them.

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