Essay on Analysis Of Raimon Panikkar 's ' Who Is A Christian '

Essay on Analysis Of Raimon Panikkar 's ' Who Is A Christian '

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Over the years many scholars have tried to define the Christian identity. Raimon Panikkar, in his article “Who is a Christian”, takes an in depth look at this topic and approaches it from many different angles.
Before starting the search for the definition of Christian identity, there are some preliminary factors to consider. Over the centuries, the Christian churches (specifically the Roman Church) have been obsessed with finding a single answer for all issues. One thing to keep in mind in this study is that there will never be one right answer to this question. Having only one answer is too limiting because believers bring their own perspectives to the faith. These perspectives will drastically differentiate one Christian identity from another. Clearly, by accepting only a singular definition of Christian identity, this definition will in turn exclude all the other viable explanations.
In a similar way, another aspect to note is that the modern world promotes a search for only a subjective or an objective answer. For this type of study, the separation of these worldviews will not work. By limiting the answer to one worldview, the benefits of the other are missed. As a result, it is imperative that the definition of Christian identity combine both the subjective and objective worldviews, while still leaving room for differing perspectives.
So, who is a Christian? Most people would answer that a Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, this answer is not satisfactory. Even though a reverence of Christ is important to the definition of a Christian identity, many people around the world have a respect for Jesus. Despite this respect, these people do not consider themselves Christians by any m...

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...hanged since I have arrived at university, I want to learn more about Panikkar’s Catholicism. For example, when I was in high school, when presented with this definition, I would have picked it apart to show where the problematic parts are. Now, in my third year of university, I ask the question: what experiences in Panikkar’s life have led him to this definition? I am also compelled by the idea of the ipse Christus, being one with Christ. This daunting but fascinating task makes me want to go deeper and find out if I am capable of something like this.
All in all, Raimon Panikkar’s article, “Who is a Christian?”, is quite interesting. It raises some good points about the value of experience. After reading this article, I am willing to challenge myself to put more emphasis on the experience of the person, rather than giving in to temptation to judge them right away.

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