Analysis Of ' Putting Down The Gun ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Putting Down The Gun ' Essay

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Men and women are targeted by society with stereotypes that most of the time do not apply, and instead of growing up to become the best version of themselves, they are conditioned to grow up oppressed by the gender roles that are giving within a society- which limits their options to an incredibly narrow range of ideals and behaviors.
Through a personal anecdote Rebecca Walker, in her essay “Putting Down the Gun,” claims that the stereotypes imposed on young females and males, daunt them from undertaking what they truly want. By the use of dialogue Walker argues that societies beliefs on what are the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ traits are only hindering the young kid from their true selves. “‘Boys talk about sports, like their matches and who scored and stuff’....Tears welled up in his eyes. ‘I don 't have anything to talk about.’”(Walker, 412) Walkers purpose is to open society’s view on gender stereotypes. She furthers her argument through the appeal of pathos as she conveys her son’s feelings. Through the dialogue she presents with her son one can see how he is forced to act a certain way because of the gender roles imposed on society. Walker also uses the rhetorical device of climax to increase the importance of the subject. “My boy is intuitive, smart, and creative beyond belief. At the time he loved animals, Japanese anime, the rap group Dead prez, and everything having to do with snowboarding.” (Walker, 413) As she describes the characteristics of her son she’s emphasizing that he has his own personality, different from the stereotypical male figure. Walker explains how gender stereotypes are ripping her kid apart from his true self. Walker counter argues herself as she postulates that maybe she should encourage her son ...

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...ap between the two genders is present in different social classes and cultures. He argues that the reason for this gender gap, has to do with the education system being feminized. “Girls are better suited to classroom environments that reward self control, cooperation and verbal participation-the exact behavior that many boys find difficult o impossible.”( Garcia, 15) Classes are suited to fit female ways of learning, not males. Brooks appeals to ethos as he makes an allusion to Thomas G. Mortensen, who has observed that these same trends, are present around the world. Brooks urges his audience to “help boys keep up with girls” (Brooks, 411) Through the use of rhetorical questioning, Brooks demands for boys to get as much attention as girls do, and to focus on their unseen problems for once as “For 30 years, attention has focused on feminine equality.”(Brooks, 412)

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