Analysis Of ' Post Its On A Marriage ' By Paul Dooley And Winnie Holzman

Analysis Of ' Post Its On A Marriage ' By Paul Dooley And Winnie Holzman

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Communication is a vital component of everyday relationships in all of mankind. In plays, there are many usual staging and dialogue techniques that directors use to achieve the attention of the audience. However, in the play, “Post-its (Notes on a Marriage)”, the authors Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman use both staging and conversation in order to convey the struggles of modern relationships. The play is unconventional in how it attempts to have the audience react in a unique way. The authors use staging and conversation to portray to the audience that there are complex problems with communication in modern relationships.
The audience sees through staging and conversation between the two main characters that the communication of modern relationships is distancing. The audience feels distant, the staging and conversation with the two main characters. This is first shown by the first thing the audience sees before the first words are even spoken. The stage directions indicate, “There is a chair with a small table and a glass of water on either side of the stage,” (Dooley and Holzman, 851). The distance between the characters are as far apart as possible, giving the audience an upfront distant feeling. A typical play normal would usually have one table in the center so that the audience could pay attention to both of them at the same time. Furthermore, the audience feels distance when the stage directions specify “every line is read from a Post-it”, this shows the two main characters are not looking eye to eye while they speak to each other (Dooley and Holzman, 851). Also this indicates that there is minimal acknowledging of the audience, it causes them to feel distant from the characters themselves. It is clear that the audience has...

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... unhappy with how they communicate, yet still asks for more of the basis of the communicative ways they do now, seeing no end to the repetitive cycle (Dooley and Holzman, 852). It is clear that the conversations between the two characters make the audience questionable of the character’s relationship in many ways.
Now that the play, “Post-its (Notes on a Marriage),” could make the audience react to feel distanced and questionable of the actions of the characters, how can that relate to everyday life? traits of the play Post-its (Notes on a Marriage) through staging and conversation,
Is the way we use our phones in modern day use an effective way to communicate with individuals? Reflect on everyday life conversations, it can relate to you, the audience
Now this leads to, are we really communicating effectively? With fragmented words as we do with our cellphone texts.

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