Analysis Of Poem ' Dream Deferred ' Essay example

Analysis Of Poem ' Dream Deferred ' Essay example

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Metaphors are comparisons using like or as, which help provide a description or image of certain situations and objects. Throughout Hughes’ poem, there is an abundance of metaphors. Through relating one item that’s appealing, to its spoiled opposite; Hughes paints a picture of the outcome of leaving dreams untouched. An example of this would be the comparison of a raisin in the sun; with the raisin being the outcome of letting one’s dreams sit unfulfilled. Raisins are often thrown away. By viewing another poem analysis of “Dream Deferred” on a website called Shmoop, the poem becomes more clear. Shmoop goes into detail about each part of this poem and gives insight on what the audience may be thinking, while still providing the actual meaning behind each line. Metaphors are identified for the audience to view, then is as to why it may be positive or negative. When viewing each poem analysis, it is evident that African Americans do not seem to be a part of the discussion, but one can infer the opposite. Wikipedia gives information of the life of Hughes, as well as his impact on African American lives. It is explained that “low-life” is depicted in Hughes’ various forms of art. Once observing the relation between African Americans and “Dream Deferred,” Kumar further explains the meaning behind each line as well. This shows the negative relation between each metaphor, the outcome of postponed fantasies, and the lives of African Americans.
“Or fester like a sore – then run?” (Hughes 4-5) The significance behind this simple question lies within its context. There are multiple meanings to the quote, but the two observed are figurative and literal. With the power of expressing one’s self through literature, come consequences some might fa...

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...verything currently available once began as a dream. To put these aside is to be stuck in a loop, which may only get worse as time progresses. This poem relates to the past, present, and future. To move forward, one must view the past and make changes during the present in order to make the future better. When making observations of the past life of African American, slavery can be used as an example. To overcome this problem, the issue first must be recognized. Those who understand the severity and wrongness of slavery need to take action. Slaves who are conscious of their surroundings and events happening often try to revolt, but are brutally punished. This leaves fear instilled in the minds of loved ones and peers, but the bravery of that person lives on and is passed down to those who want change. This sparks a flame that grows over time and alters the future. 

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