Analysis Of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital ( Pmh ) Essay

Analysis Of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital ( Pmh ) Essay

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Healthcare being continuous process is constantly fluctuating. With the rising inflation as well as consumerism, healthcare needs are also rising at an exponential rate. Unlike, old days where healthcare processes were much more simpler in terms of technological perspective, these days to survive the market driven environment, many healthcare organizations are implementing various advanced technologies as well as techniques. This could be a challenging factor especially for the rural clinics, which usually face many difficulties, such as limited funds and working staff. Similarly, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) is also a rural hospital as well as a nursing home located in the southeast region of West Virginia (CSU, 2016). In order to provide quality healthcare, the board of directors at PMH is interested in implementing a satellite clinic as an innovative solution (CSU, 2016).
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH)
PMH is one of the only major hospitals found in Pocahontas County, which is considered among the rural areas of West Virginia with an estimated population of only 8,662 based on the 2014 reports (Unites States Census Bureau, 2015). Area wise PMH covers approximately 940 square miles that has a total of 25 beds to offer to its patients for a wide range of healthcare services, such as emergency care, acute care, diabetes education, outpatient infusion center, respite care, laboratory services, rehabilitation services, radiology, respiratory therapy, and community outreach services (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, 2013). Additionally, PMH has provided over 100 years of healthcare services to its community, and is among the primary healthcare provider for the Pocahontas County residents (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, n.d.a)....

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... accountability, align behavior with goals, communicate at all levels, and recognize and reward success” (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, n.d.d, para.5).
Furthermore, an organization’s vision focuses on identifying the core capabilities of the organization and formulates strategic initiatives accordingly (Zuckerman, 2000). In the case of PMH it provided explicit direction towards attaining quality healthcare focused towards its community, however also needed to leave room for other innovations and technological advancements like the satellite clinic, telemedicine, and electronic medical records (EMR) (CSU, 2016). Such a forward thinking strategies are extremely essential in the current rapidly changing healthcare environment. Also, to fully achieve various short-term as well as long-term goals, PMH needs to create its visions statement by including broad-based goals.

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