Analysis Of Pink And Blue Is An Understatement For Gender Representation

Analysis Of Pink And Blue Is An Understatement For Gender Representation

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Pink and blue is an understatement for gender representation in shows like “Girls”. Girls, which premiered on HBO in 2012, was written by feminist/actress Lena Dunham, who is one of the main protagonists on the show. Girls is based around four girls who are all best friends living in New York, but each having their own significant arcs and personalities. Marnie, Shoshanna, Jessa, and Hannah are all great representatives of an early 20s couple of girls with relatable and real life conflicts. The show Girls represents gender equality in a phenomenal way, as the show delves into real life problems, breaking sexist norms and capturing the attention of the audience with relatable “little things”.
Girls take on real world problems for the average person in a very realistic manner. For example, in the third episode of the first season of the show, Marnie starts to have conflicts with her boyfriend who loves her deeply, because of the cheesy background he bases them under. Marnie is described as an indecisive woman, who never really knows what she has or wants till its gone. In addition her boyfriend, Charlie, whom is a naive man who is mostly a push-over in Marnie 's perspective and does not have much confidence in him which makes Marnie grow “bored” of him. Both these personalities can depict a clear relatable response from viewers, as their relationship is steady, but has a lot of internal problems they each ignore to avoid confrontation. At one point Marnie breaks up with Charlie for being “a bore and an unconfident mess”. Months pass by and Marnie is scrolling through Charlie’s new Facebook photos with his new girlfriend. As she scrolls through the photos, she insults every picture she sees and at the same time delves her emotio...

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...her gender she is still human and has questions about how everything works. On the other hand, the sex scene shown of Jesse and Kevin was grimy-awkward and realistic. The show avoids the glamorization of sex between people, as Girls takes it to a more raunchy, awkward place. Jessa and Kevin struggle to be in a comfortable position throughout the whole scene and they both start making small conversation and both equally have the same reactions. This can be relatable to the audience, because the show tears down the “beauty” of sex and rather films a realistic depiction of what it could be for anyone, with a slight comedic twist. Girls use its gender in a very equalized manner as every scene in “Girls” (no matter the title) shows both perspectives of both genders at all time and avoids the reasoning of topics with gender (e.g. because I’m a boy, because I’m a girl, etc).

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