Analysis Of Pierpont Communications, A Houston Based Public Relations Firm With Satellite Offices

Analysis Of Pierpont Communications, A Houston Based Public Relations Firm With Satellite Offices

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Pierpont Communications is a Houston based public relations firm with satellite offices in Dallas and Austin. The company may have offices in several different cities employees still work collectively on different clients and projects. Pierpont is a very versatile company and has clients coming from all different fields. Some of their larger clients are from the energy and transportation sectors.
Pierpont’s Austin office initially started the internship program, due to their proximity to the University of Texas in Austin. Several of the senior account executives give lectures at the University. The program has since spread to the other offices. Pierpont’s internship program gives interns hands on experience and insight into life in a public relations firm. This is accomplished by allowing interns to draft and create their own media pitches and press releases. Create and maintain media lists as well as calendar posting and content posting lists. Allowing interns to take ownership and have projects of their own makes for a very rewarding program.
The internship program successfully gives students a chance to get a feel for life in a public relations firm before finishing school. Interns are tasked with media monitoring clients, creating media lists, following up with contacts, and generating ideas for new pitches. These tasks are all items that the account executives do here at Pierpont. The internship gives students insight into what working at a Public Relations firm is actually about.
In order to become an intern at Pierpont a resume must be submitted and a series of interviews are conducted. For the spring internship resumes were to have been submitted in October thru November. This allows for intervie...

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...ations may not be my first career choice. The internship gave me a fantastic view into public relations, and I have the upmost respect for those involved in the industry. Public Relations is much more than just crafting a press release and looking for clients in the news. It is a lot of planning, research and consists of creative, but still very strategic thinking. I feel that the skills I learned here will help me in whatever career path I later decide upon.
I will be transferring to Iowa State University in the fall and plan to study global resource systems. While this major may not directly relate to public relations, I feel that skills I learned while at Pierpont will be utilized. I may not need to constantly monitor different companies or be in contact with journalists, but knowing how to draft a press release or media advisory is a wonderful skill to have.

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