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Analysis Of Phantom Of The Opera Essay example

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Phantom of the Opera is the longest running musical to date, as it has been touring non-stop for 28 years. Phantom is known as being a tremendously heart wrenching performance that centers around a love triangle and angst. The love triangle involves Christine Daae, Raoul, and the Phantom, who is also known as Erik. Christine came to the Opera Populaire as a young child where she grew up mastering the arts when her father passed. The Phantom was a man deformed at birth and was shown in a freak show until he eventually ran away as child and found shelter in the lake beneath the Opera House, where he found Christine and became captivated with her. Raoul, who was once a childhood friend, became a benefactor of the Opera House where he sees Christine once again when she sings. Through the fandom of this musical there has been much debate on who Christine belongs with: Raoul, the charming man who rescues her, or the Phantom, a demented man who only does her harm. As someone who has seen the musical, the movie, and listened to the soundtrack multiple times, there is no one better to analyze this topic with. Christine was never destined to be with the Phantom, a man who embraced her into a toxic relationship through manipulation.
Christine’s relationship with Erik was never healthy or mundane and should not be thought of as a relationship that could have lasted in any way. In the musical, she chose to be with Raoul, the man who helped save her from the Phantom’s grasp and end his reign of terror. This should be respected and accepted by the musical’s millions of fans. In "’Christine...Christine’ : A Different Perspective on 'Phantom of the Opera'’ the author states: “[The Phantom,] a 30-40-year-old man has been preying upon a 15-20-year-...

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... relationships today, it would be criticized immensely if a someone tried to get a woman-or man-to stay with a partner who manipulated them and then acted romantic later on by offering their significant-other roses, chocolates, or promises they themselves intended to break. Although that is sadly true, the huge majority saw Raoul as a stable, healthy choice for Christine to be with. Not only this, but he helped to rescue her from the Phantom when he kidnapped her during the end of the musical. Today, this would be viewed as brave and would be supported exceedingly as someone entering an acceptable relationship. The Phantom and Christine represent abusive and unhealthy relationships, and when these so called ‘fans’ support them together, it should make people question their values, and the values of society as a whole in how relationships like these should be viewed.

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