Analysis Of Peter Theroux 's ' The Sunrise With Seamonsters ' Essay

Analysis Of Peter Theroux 's ' The Sunrise With Seamonsters ' Essay

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In Peter Theroux’s book “Sunrise with Seamonsters”, he includes an essay titled “Being a Man”. In this essay, Peter rants about his personal dislike with being a man and describes the overwhelming and superficial standards that America places on its men. Peter then proceeds to further analyze the pressure that society’s view of manliness place on young boys. He argues that adolescent boys are put under pressure from society to fit into this mold of how a man is supposed to behave and think. Theroux also examines how being a man affects women by claiming that any form of masculinity belittles women. During this time period, there were not many arguments that discussed the roles of men, therefore Theroux relied on word choice, personal experiences, research and supporting arguments to provide his audience a credible, compelling, view on masculinity.
Theroux’s reliance on diction and syntax is an important part of invoking emotion from his audience making pathos a vital part of his argument. Throughout his essay, Theroux use words such as “pitiful”, “inadequate”, and “insulting” when describing masculinity and towards the end of the essay, he even describes being a man as an “unmerciful and punishing burden”. His word choice is allowing Theroux to resonate with his audience and plays on the emotions they associate with them. Playing on the emotions of his audience is important because Theroux is able to come across more persuasive to his audience, making it more likely to agree with his audience. By using such harsh words, Theroux is able to express his extreme dislike with being a man.
Therefore, having women emotionally relate to his argument is one of the most influential aspects of Theroux’s essay. Theroux defines masculinity a...

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...teen to not “read so much” and to take up a sport” after he expressed his desire to meet more girls. By describing what he was told as a child, Theroux is able to provide readers with first hand experiences. His audience is now able to understand why he is reliable and how he forms his arguments.
In addition, Theroux provides another example about his personal struggle with coming to terms with being a writer. Theroux recalls when it was “impossible” for him to admit to himself that he wanted to be a writer. He even referred to it as his “guilty secret”. Theroux’s reason for this was because of the stigma that was put on American male writers. Male writers often wrote about their wealth or their heavy drinking. He argues that male writers were so influenced to prove their manliness, that the public have begun to see literariness and manliness as “mingles qualities”.

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