Analysis of Personality Disorders in Prisons Essay examples

Analysis of Personality Disorders in Prisons Essay examples

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The overflowing prisons and the increase in diagnosis in mental illness, specifically personality disorders, relating to criminal activity suggests that our society and criminal justice system need to reanalyze and alter the psychological rehabilitation programs in order to effectively reduce and prevent crime. By analyzing specific aspects of prisons and personality disorders, we can objectively interpret the information for use in improving the criminal justice system. Concepts such as the prevalence of personality disorders in prison communities; the relationships between certain crimes and disorders, the idea of institutionalization, as well as possible treatments within the prisons will be examined. Additionally, by understanding the personality disorders that are associated with crime, installation of stronger intervention programs can occur.
According to the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons (2013), there are currently 217,862 people incarcerated. Of that total population, 93.3% are men with the remaining 6.7% being women. The current prison populations range from 39-51% over their allotted capacities (James, 2013). Results of overcrowded prisons are seen through increased taxes, lowered staff to inmate ratio and an inability to maintain the structures housing these inmates (James, 2013). Researchers have also determined a correlation between inmate misconduct and overcrowding, adding to the list of negative effects (James, 2013). Along with increasing prison population rates, the diagnoses of mental illness, specifically personality disorders have also risen. The CDC reported in 2011 that at least 25% of US adults have a mental illness and about 20% of US adolescence has a diagnosable ment...

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