Analysis of Permanent Collection by Thomas Gibbons Essay

Analysis of Permanent Collection by Thomas Gibbons Essay

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The play “Permanent Collection” focuses on an African-American man who has just taken over an art museum named Sterling North. While digging through storage, he finds eight African sculpture pieces and wants to add them to the collection at the Morris Foundation on the campus of a college. The Director of Education Paul Barrow is hanging on to the words of Mr. Morris and his vision because he doesn’t want anything to change at the museum according to Mr. Morris’ will, which contributes to the title of the play “Permanent Collection.”
In the play, there is no answer as to who is right and who is wrong. North told a journalist that he believed Barrow to be a racist but Barrow doesn’t feel this way. He just doesn’t want to change the legacy that Mr. Morris left behind and he feels the art has no value to be placed next to paintings by people like Picasso. Throughout the play, they debate on what’s right and what’s wrong. Should they add to the museum or not is a question that the play focuses on.
Both men are right and both were wrong at the same time. They both were right because M...

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