Analysis of Perceptions in Child's Play Essay

Analysis of Perceptions in Child's Play Essay

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The Target store located at Dallas Highway in Marietta, Georgia, was chosen for the fieldwork assignment. This particular store was selected because of recent renovations to the toy area. The new arrangement of the toy department appears slightly different than traditional organizations of toys in the past. The location of the toys is in direct relation and physical flow from the baby equipment, supplies, and apparel. Toys transition from birth in the infant area initially in terms of age demographics, type of activity, and brand of toy to more obvious gender divisions beginning in the preschool toys. In the toy section for school age children, gender separation is clearly established. Gender divisions become more obvious in this age group according to colors, themes, and character depiction. The girl toys feature pink, purple, and pastel colors. The highlighted décor in the store’s displays and packaging for girls involves embellishments such as pictures of girls, flowers, glitter, and jewels. The boy section portrays color schemes that are primarily in blue, red, yellow, gray, and black. Packaging images are of male children. The sections including educational toys, games, sporting equipment, outdoor play, sound and music, building, puzzles, and arts appear to be more gender neutral although some gender specific items can be identified by color or themes such as princess/fairytale or Ninja Turtle. The configuration of the toys clearly states that color, themes, and character representation are irrelevant to infants and toddlers, while parent’s attitudes about color and gender may be important aspects of unintentional socialization in the maturation of children. Marketing strategies appeal to children, but adult’s perception of ...

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...ed on their desired outcomes for deliberate and intention socialization.
The function of toys in children’s lives has a relevance to the socialization of girls and boys in accordance with gender roles and society’s perception of what is appropriate for girls and boys. Gender stereotypes are learned parts of cultural adaptation and agents of socialization. Society defines what is masculine and feminine as well as the natural inclinations of girls and boys to play in different ways. Observational methods of socialization such as modeling are small pieces to the fundamental cognitive and physical differences of girls and boys. Inevitably, nature supplies biological structure while human ecologic adaptation performs the ability to build on knowledge established through empirical research and advancement in the development of toys that result in well-rounded adults.

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