Essay on Analysis Of Penelope 's ' The Odyssey '

Essay on Analysis Of Penelope 's ' The Odyssey '

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Penelope’s Cleverness
In the Odyssey, written by, Homer Penelope seems, at first, to be portrayed as someone constantly weeping for her husband, while being oblivious to the struggles of her kingdom. However, the story actually portrays her as someone who is in control of her surroundings. Penelope is torn at the thought of not seeing her husband again. Back when Penelope was alive it was not proper for a lady to be with more than one man and Penelope knew this. She did not wish to be with more than one man, so she used her weeping to distract her suitors so she would not be looked at with disgrace in her century. After twenty years Penelope is given strength, while pretending to be oblivious, in a categorical way Penelope demonstrates her ability to detect social cues while playing a role as an actor.
Penelope throughout the Odyssey seems to be portrayed as a week with no hope that her husband will ever return. But after talking with two particular individuals one is able to say that Penelope is a smart lady that is able to pick up on social cues without making it seem to obvious. Upon Telemachus return, Penelope has learned that her husband is still alive, “I’ll hide or hold back nothing, not a single word. He said he’d seen Odysseus on an island, ground down in misery, off in a goddess’ house” (17.151-53), but from Telemachus understanding Odysseus is no were close to home. The words shared by Telemachus has just confirmed for Penelope that she will never see her husband again, but moments later the god Theoclymenus shares his knowledge on where Odysseus is, “I swear Odysseus is on native soil, here and now! Poised or on the prowl, learning of these rank crimes he’s sowing seeds of ruin for all your suitors” (17.164-76). Afte...

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...truth. With Confidence that came moments after she spoke to her son and the god, Theoclymemus Penelope was able to gain the confidence she needed to help her husband get his kingdom back. Through the reaction (a sneeze) that Telemachus had when Penelope spoke about revenge to take back the kingdom, she is able to pick up that he son is keeping secrets from her. Proceeding the beggar tells Eumaeus that he will not meet with Penelope yet, which causes Penelope to pick up that this beggar isn’t no true beggar he is someone else, someone who has a reason to be in her kingdom. Following Penelope finally gets the chance to talk to the beggar where she trick him into feeling empathy for her and give her hints on what to do next. Through their conversation, Penelope picks up on cues and works with them to give the beggar knowledge about a weapon that he can get in his hands

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